There is no end to human birth and death on earth.  Billions of people are scattered in different countries of the world.

But over time, that is likely to change.  Someone remembers them or thinks about their identity.

But the world carefully holds the memory of some people, the life story of the rise and fall of their lives.  These memorable people are born in all countries at all times.

The pages of the history of human civilization are so bright that the glory of the life and fame of all the best people, no one should be less interested in knowing about them.

Literature, art, science and culture are the life stories of the best people in different fields, so all countries are equally honored.

We have tried with the best people in the international arena to identify the best people in our country.  As a result, readers will have the opportunity to know about the great people of the world as well as the memorable people of their own country.

Our efforts will be fruitful if our initiative is able to satisfy the readers.