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Helen Keller Biography

The girl was only nineteen months old at that time. The little girl was sleeping on her mother’s lap. When he woke up, his mother took him to the bathroom. The sun shines all around. The golden light came through the glass window on the floor of the room. A strange aura appeared in him. Looking at the glow of that light, the girl became restless. He jumped from his mother’s lap with the attraction of that light. But the address of the light, the noise of the sound disappeared from the girl’s life like four days. The girl became a blind and deaf object. But the girl was not lost despite being deprived of all the mercy of God. The girl became one of the noblest women in human history through the prayers of an indomitable vitality and constant light of the soul. Her name is Helen Keller. Rabindranath Tagore saw him as the embodiment of the most pure and holy soul in the world. Almost all the thinkers of the world have paid homage to him in Avant Mast. Indira…

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